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Welcome to Palitrix!

This is the best site for artists of all levels. If you are a professional artist or art is just a hobby, here you can find fellowship with those, who are interested in the same thing as you. It is interesting to communicate with those who are also interested in. Here you will be able to make friends, gain experience from more experienced colleagues or teach anything those who have not yet reached your level.

The ultimate goal of each artist differs, but most of them want to learn how to create awesome images and become an example to follow. We all want to get good feedback or criticism that may affect our skills. Cultivation process is most active in the circle of the same purposeful seekers.

Site is a newly opened, it took about six months to develop its key features. Website is based on very perspective technologies that will help it actively evolve as I receive your comments and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to demand something new :) For this purpose we have special section for ideas on our forum.

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