Terms and Conditions

We don't have any special rules. Everything as usual. We ask you to treat the resource with all the kindness and not to do anything that might disturb our peace and quiet. We do not welcome the various scams, we don't like to be substituted, we adore when all members of the community treat each other with respect. Any manifestation of excessive aggression, especially in moments of bad mood, try not to wreak evil on those who is on-line.

Next to you on the site there are real people. Everyone has their own character, their opinions, their circumstances. Respect each other. Never be rude, because people can be hurt through the Internet just as painful as in ordinary conversation. Life is a complex thing. Perhaps some of these people will become your friends once in everyday life.

Here are the main rules:

  • Do not create multiple accounts
  • Filthy language, insults, various provocations and retaliation are not allowed
  • Any kind of cheating and hacking this site is prohibited
  • Everything is forbidden that is forbidden by the laws of Russian Federation: pornography, extremism or any actions against Russian Federation and etc.
  • Advertisement of any kind is forbidden ( watermark on the image does not count)
  • Carrying out fraudulent activities on the site is not allowed
  • Copyright violation is forbidden - for example, to publish other people's images or to publish own pictures of other's printed pictures without mentioning the real author of source image
  • Any talks about politics, racism are prohibited
  • Using this site you agree with these rules and privacy policy
  • Using this site you take full responsibility for all publications and declarations by you
  • Any correspondence between users of the site is analyzed by a special algorithm for Subversion, advertising, insults, threats and fraud. Suspicious messages can be viewed by the administration, and persons caught in violation of the rules will be blocked.
  • Site Administration does not take any responsibility for actions made by users
  • Site Administration has the right to block or delete accounts of users without further explanation
  • We have requirements for incoming images and moderate them
  • It is forbidden to write negative comments without providing reasons, for example, "very bad" or "bullshit". It makes people offended and angry, leading to scandals, deleting accounts and harming the project. Such comments are equal to abuse. Comments are the feedback, allowing people to learn from each other. Criticism should be constructive. If you don't know how to teach, don't write anything. The purpose of this project is to improve our skills and in this way making project better but not by dropping out of the weak. We learn from each other, arrogance and rudeness are not welcome here.
  • It is forbidden to use the prison sleng of communication on the site, jargon of any type (prison sleng, jargon and so on). Officially, the site supports 2 languages: Russian (the official language of the Russian Federation) and English (the recognized language of international communication). All other languages can be used only if they are understood by other users of the site.

If there is something that has not yet been prohibited, but there is a clear understanding that it should be prohibited - than no problem! Write to us and we will do it :)