Privacy Policy

Palitrix project was designed to offer easy sharing of photos and communication with each other, so some of your personal information becomes available to all users.

During the registration we receive your E-Mail, login, gender and generate and send by E-Mail pretty strong password for you to authorize on the web-site. The predefined password can be changed in future to any other, but it will be your responsibility to make it difficult and keep away from other people.

We do not share your E-Mail, password, site settings (language, theme, notifications), IP-address and the date of your Birth to anyone. We use secure server connection to make it impossible for 3rd party to sniff any data.

An access to your account is secured by password. It is stored encrypted in our database. Password encryption is made using latest technologies and makes it almost impossible to decrypt passwords even if our web-site is hacked and hacker has an access to a data base. Each time you authenticate with a password or with Facebook you receive signed session and after this password is not used. Each session is active during 1 week and it is being  prolongated every time you visit the site.

We have a password brute force attack protection. Only 5 attempts are possible to make every 5 minutes making an attempt to hack somebody's account very complex task.

We generate authorisation tokens for weekly digest to make an easy access to the site from letters we send. This feature allows you to log in without password from the links inside letters. These tokens expires in 1 week after delivery. It is not possible to be automatically logged in from the old letters.

Every uploaded image can be easily copied by everybody without your permission, that's why it's highly recommended to protect it with watermarks. As a basic protection against unauthorized use, we have provided several measures:

  1. We store a thumbnail of an image instead of original on the server. Copy's quality is much worse than the original and can not be widely used for different purposes.
  2. During the upload process we provide a feature to apply watermark "Palitrix" to your image.
  3. On the photo's page we give full author information and link to author's profile.

In future we plan to use additional mechanisms to protect against unauthorized access. With the development of the site we will improve the mechanisms of personal data protection.