How images are uploaded to the server

You can upload any images of JPEG format with maximum size of no more than 25 Mb. In any case the file will be compressed and reduced to the necessary size. It is ideal if you upload the images that are already large originals that are more than 2280 pixels breadthwise. Panoramas are being cut to 1520 pixels and shown as 760 pixels in the height.

When viewing the images the software engine tries to adjust every shot to 1140x760 pixels. At the same time it can actually display the image with double resolution (2280x1520). This has been done for Retina-displays support on modern tablets and some laptops. The quality in this case is excellent.

That is why, if you want to have the images of large size then try to upload original images. The originals more than 2280x1520 will be reduced to match this size and look great on the site. In the Retina mode images do not occupy more space, as we save them in lower quality. When displaying them you will not see any difference, but on the devices with ultra-sharp screen the images will be crystal sharp but not blurred.

There are a few examples:

  • 600x400 will remain 600x400
  • 800x600 will remain 800x600
  • 1200x1000 will be uploaded in original size and shown as 1140x760
  • 1800x1200 will be uploaded in original size and shown as 1140x760
  • 2000x1400 will be uploaded in original size and shown as1140x760
  • 2518x1700 will be uploaded cut to 2280x1520 ← but it will be displayed as 1140x760 in the Retina super fine mode